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C. Albert

Why do we talk about The Man On The Moon?
Why do we see his face?
Imagine his burden, the burden of being the constant reflection of our human experience, the only one in the sky.

When I realized that I could see The Man On The Moon, I began to question my own reflection in the mirror.  Once this distrust sank into reality, I found myself cleaning and preening in front of Albert’s collages.

The mind has an amazing ability to absorb only pieces of “the bigger picture”, the peaks, the valleys and the islands.  It then constructs it’s own bridges, making connections in our favor.  The terrain shifts between rugged and pristine, and the water, often muddy, is equally crystal clear.  But, it’s easy to feel lost because “the bigger picture” does not have a map.  It doesn’t function on a twenty-four hour clock, has no gravity and doesn’t spin as the earth does around one sun.  As travelers we overlap pieces, take short cuts, leave crumbs and create chapter upon chapter of collages and reflections, which ultimately cover up and hide the path back home propelling us into an unknown future.

I continue to be drawn back to Albert’s work, moved by a feeling similar to that of vanity.  I obsessively read the layers, connect the lines and scan the surface.  I’m not foolish enough to believe that her work can be my guide, but I swear that I can almost make out her footsteps.  I can see indentations left in the road and the possible signal of a partner to make the journey feel less lonely.

-Visual Arts Editor, Liz McDonald


Metamorphosis of Silence #10

Metamorphosis of Silence #3

Metamorphosis of Silence #5

Metamorphosis of Silence #4

Metamorphosis of Silence #6

Metamorphosis of Silence #7

Metamorphosis of Silence #9

Metamorphosis of Silence #11

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C Albert Artist Statement


As a collagist, I search for healing by gathering fragments, symbols, torn culture and piecing them together in personal ways.  Through this I create wholeness, recognize myself and others.  I work with images that call to me, rely on subconscious wisdom through dreams and closed-eye visions.  I write poems about collages and make collages about poems.  I recycle magazines and use non-toxic rice paste for glue.  I seek peace in the process and always find beauty.


  1. Jed Myers says:

    I believe I am witnessing the very problem of human identity in these images! Brave and masterful use of the medium of collage!

  2. Pat Jones says:

    Thank you so much for publishing the work of a collage artist I have admired for years! You go, Caroline! These are outstanding!


  3. Moons, faces, the roundness in our world that encompasses the grid…. This series really is masterful. What strikes me most is the silence – the fact that so many of the figures don’t have a voice. Thank you so much for sharing this work!

  4. Tom Shlichta says:

    I love C.Albert’s collage work I find it shocking that her work is not displayed at some of the most
    prestigious galleries in the nation. Collage art is fantastic art that deserves far more attention then it gets as does C.Albert’s.

  5. Aaron Dietz says:

    Absolutely gripping work. Wow. Love C. Albert’s work. Especially love this.

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