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Fine Prince at Timbrrr!

Jamie Henwood plays in a band you’ve never heard of, until now. He’s a quiet fellow who prefers, above all things, to sit on his porch contemplatively, sipping a mug of coffee or a pint of beer (depending on the hour of the day) but he’s also the sort of person to pick up a guitar (he plays a hollow body Epiphone ES 339) and write a song rich with electricity and synths with his new band, Fine Prince.

The group, which will be playing Timbrrr Winter Music Festival this year, got together in 2014 when Henwood, who has been writing and recording his own music for over a decade, made the leap and asked three close friends to be a part of that world and later, if they would want to take it more seriously – and be a “real” band. “A lot of our sound was developed in those early months over the somewhat mysterious bond of music and learning we could play and experiment well together,” Henwood says. “One of our favorite synth sounds came from pitching a Ferrari burnout sound effect and programming it to be fully playable up and down the keyboard.”

Henwood, who grew up in Kirkland, says it was an Artist Home event that inspired his band’s song “Jamais Vu” on forthcoming EP. “I wrote this song the night we got home from Doe Bay Fest 2013 and I constantly refer to the Saturday of that weekend as one of the best days of my life,” Henwood explains. “I was super inspired by that day, the atmosphere up there, Built to Spill, Smokey Brights, La Luz, Tomten, Radiation City and my friend Michelle’s family cabin down the road from the main stage which we got to spend a little time at, and have a big group jam session on their porch.”

Before that it was his father who was always playing guitar in Henwood’s childhood home that brought him into music. There was also a piano accessible there for him and records, like Springsteen’s Born in the USA and Sgt. Pepper. But more lately his influences range from Tame Impala’s Currents to Elvis Costello’s Punch The Clock.

“Jamais Vu” is a perfectly Seattle song. It has parts Chris Ballew vocal tone, part Kithkin group flair, part Hoot Hoots romping energy. It’s a Jack and Jill fell down the hill trippy tune infused with cool streams, singing birds and full choir. Check it out here and check Fine Prince out at Timbrrr! in January:


Jake Uitti is a founding editor of The Monarch Review.

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