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Monarch Holiday Gift Ideas

It’s the holiday season and that means eating too much, staying in because it’s cold and SPENDING MONEY ON GIFTS FOR PEOPLE! We at The Monarch wanted to bring to light some gift ideas from some of our favorite people. So, without further ado…

Amanda Manitach’s Penis Envy T-shirt Girls are some of the most provocative and beautiful art around these days. She is offering up some of these small, frame-friendly prints and we think they’re the perfect stocking stuffers! To contact her about these pictures, simply message her.


Shana Cleveland is the front woman for the surf-rock band La Luz. She also makes these super eerie and spectacular Famous Faces calendars, which you can buy here for $8. This is the fifth year in a row Cleveland has made these and Monarch offices has had one each of the last three years.


Matt “Spek” Watson is one of our favorite musicians in town. He’s also one of our favorite hilarious people. He’s known for, among other talents, his ascerbic Bitter Barista web site and his song “Bout That Action“. Here, we have two gift ideas for you: the Bitter Barista book (you can buy on Amazon here) and the Seattle-famous Beats Mode shirts (that you can. buy here).


One of our favorite poets is named Sarah Galvin. She is an amazing writer – funny, flaunting, flatulent (we can only assume) and everything else wonderful! She has a new book called The Three Einsteins that you can preview here and buy here. Yay poetry and ‘umor!


Ahamefule J. Oluo is a musician, composer, comedian, writer, and world champion of Seattle culture. His soundtrack for his pop opera, Now I’m Fine, was blasted on repeat in Monarch offices. Also The Stranger said he was a genius (along with his band Industrial Revelation)! WE VERY MUCH RECOMEND HIS NOW I’M FINE SOUNDTRACK AS A GIFT, which you can find here.


Prom Queen put out one of our favorite albums this year, Midnight Veil. Not only that, but each song has an accompanying music video – the collection is sultry and mysterious and a musical masterpiece. Check out the complete video work for the music below and buy the record here.

Last but not least, it’s DINA MARTINA. Her Christmas show, which she’s done for years now, was one of the most entertaining, brilliant and beautiful performances of 2013, and she has a bunch of shows slated for the end of 2014. You can read an interview we did with her here, and, after watching the clip below, you should buy tickets for you and all your friends here.


Jake Uitti is a founding editor of The Monarch Review.

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