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One Super Important Question For Matt ‘Spek’ Watson

Matt ‘Spek’ Watson is a rapper, musician, producer, internet comedian and Facebook yeller. He’s also one of the most important voices in Seattle art and culture. He has a new record out this week, which he’ll be celebrating at Barboza in Capitol Hill on Thursday. We thought we’d catch up with Spek and ask him one super important question about music and the community in the Southend he calls home.


JU: You’re just coming off what looks to be a super successful Station Block Party gig with tons of Southend artists celebrating Beacon Hill and the community there. What was your biggest take away from the day and how will you incorporate that into your release show this week at Barboza for your new Spekulation record?

MSW: About five hours into the Block Party this weekend, with three hours left in the show, the tent started to collapse and blow off the stage from the rain. But before it could go down, a bunch of people in the front row jumped forward and grabbed it, and for the next three hours they took turns physically holding the tent to the stage, literally holding us down and making sure the show could go on. Moments like that, along with countless others this weekend, showed me just how much this community looks after, supports, and protects one another. Being on stage is terrifying. It requires a lot of trust, especially when you let yourself go, to know that there’s going to be someone there to catch you. After this weekend, and all the love shown at Block Party at The Station, my trust has never been stronger and I’m going to use that to let entirely loose on Thursday night at Barboza. I’m so grateful for how this community holds me down and supports our work, and we’re going to build as high as we can off that. Plus, Sleep Steady will be there, so everything will be okay.


Jake Uitti is a founding editor of The Monarch Review.

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