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One Super Important Question For Robin Crookall

The Big Apple is Mecca for artists. It’s where the action happens. It’s the destination. At least that’s what New Yorkers think, and a lot of artists gazing east. Visual artist Robin Crookall moved from Seattle to New York this fall to pursue an MFA at NYU. We published a few of her pieces in our print edition, Monarch 2, and I’ve been a fan since. I caught up with her over Thanksgiving weekend and took the opportunity to ask her one super important question.

CT:  What have you found is the biggest advantage, if there is one, to making art in the big city–and has the move changed your approach to creating in any way?

RC: I believe that one has to define their own idea of success. The biggest advantage to an artist is studio time and a persistent and engaged studio practice. The number one thing is making work. If you don’t make work you will have nothing to show. If you don’t make a lot of work you won’t be able to show the very best of what you can do. That being said there are some very positive things about NY itself. What New York can offer that others cities cannot, is the availability and abundance of artists and art galleries. The visiting artist program at NYU is great because of all the amazing and successful artists that live or travel here. My program is able to get a lot of profound artists to visit and give lectures. This is an exciting experience that is not always available at other schools in the country. Also the amount of galleries and shows happening all over the city year round provides ample opportunity to see the work of some of the most talented artists from around the world.

I have always been an artist who has been affected by my environment, wherever that may be. However, I did come to NY with a very strong art practice and a very well established artistic style. If anything, I would say right now, that my fellow students and faculty have more of an influence on my approach to art creating then the city itself. I am in my studio way more than I am out and about in the city. The studio space I get at NYU is a huge advantage as are the talented, sexy, and smart grad students that surround me! This is more due to luck than anything else…maybe New York is just a lucky place where all your dreams come true!


Caleb Thompson is a co-founding editor of The Monarch Review

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