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Owl Cat Ink

Can 1 live without 0 and 0 without 1?
Yes. But, One Zero cannot live without Zero One.

When I think about the symmetry and unison in the collaborative work of Mike and Roxanne I can’t help but think of the Bynars.  To those not in the know, this is “nerd” speak for a true partnership.   The Bynars are a race of Star Trek beings that live as unified pairs who think and speak in binary code.  Their every step, thought and action is completely dependent upon the other.  So much so, that they are not two, but one.

Mike and Roxanne have been able to create this type of harmony in their work by speaking together, by beginning and finishing each other’s thoughts, marks, and process.  In my imagination this exchange is as effortless as that of the Bynars.  Propelled by past, present and future connections they are able to layer the visual dialect that fills their interpersonal language and ultimately create work that often begins with ‘Once Upon A Time’.

While both artists make work independently of Owl Cat Ink it is within this collaboration that we are gifted with a glimpse into their connection.  And, in most part we are unable to discern where one’s mark ends and the other’s begins.


-Liz McDonald, Visual Arts Editor

 Mixed Media Prints
Owl Cat Ink


Michael Edward McGovern
Roxanne Anush McGovern

OWL CAT INK was conceived as a collaborative team to create a series of prints that explores our interests in personal histories, family legacies, memories, and ghosts of our pasts.  In working together we found that our creative processes are very similar, and the direction of the project developed organically.  To create this body of work we recycled and collaged together a library of our old prints, scraps of paper, and other discarded materials. Through this process the work became stepping-stones to our past that narrate a shared history but also explore our future together.

As a collaborative team we made our aesthetic choices based off of each other’s mark making and responded instinctually to each other images and narratives.  We did not set out to make a body of work based particularly on one idea but wanted a body of work about the evolving processes of collaboration and our relationship.  Each piece is about two people who share a history and future together creating an ongoing body of work as one entity.


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  1. Powerful work! I am very impressed with this project and deeply moved by the highest quality of art and the connection to images and content. Thank you for creating and sharing, its really great to see what you two are doing recently! Miss you all and lets get back in touch!

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