We are currently accepting online submissions of poetry, fiction, essays, music, videos and visual arts.

Please submit here.

We read submissions year-round and publish online regularly. Additionally, we publish a print edition biannually and all submissions will be considered for print. (More on Print below). We try to respond to your work within two months, but sometimes it takes longer. If it’s been more than three months please send us a nice email reminder. Simultaneous submissions are OK, but please notify us immediately if a work has been accepted elsewhere.

Concerning style or aesthetic, the staff of the Monarch Review, like many other journals, has endured its fair share of internecine debate: “What is the Monarch? … What do we, like, stand for?” Various and inconclusive responses ensued. Also The Editors have shifted roles since the magazine’s launch and our tastes are constantly evolving. Hence this introduction and revision of our submission guidelines a year and a half into this adventure. This page might be analogous to the current Mercer Street construction project in Seattle: an attempt at directing traffic in an efficient and logical way… eventually. We are building infrastructure. We are re-calibrating our aesthetic theodolite.

But you are here to figure out the secret code that will unlock our hearts to your (clearly) mind-blowing submission. The best way to discover what we like is to read the content we publish, to get familiar with our literary “community.” Also visit our “About” page to see what books and journals The Editors are currently reading. Otherwise forge ahead to our “Section Guidelines.”

Section Guidelines:


Technical details: Upload 3 to 6 poems in ONE document (.doc, .pdf, .rtf) to our submission manager. If you are “tech savvy” try to arrange one poem per page in your single uploaded document. If you need to withdraw one poem and would like us to keep the rest for consideration, send a brief email to the editor.

When it comes to defining what The Editors consider publishable poetry, we’re going to lean on Justice Potter Stewart’s famous statement on pornography: “…I know it when I see it…” In another parallel with porn, we’re looking for poetry that catches our attention, that is enjoyable to read, that excites or disgusts us… well, perhaps the parallels with porn end there. We’re looking for poems of ideas and poems that are playing with language and meaning in a fresh way. Bonus points for those who are able to (somehow!) align form, language and sense in some sort of meaningful or clever way. Please do not send poems that live in a bubble of antiquated language and ideal nature. Basically, we’re looking for wit, perception and humor that we know exists under all the chatter.


The Monarch Review seeks fiction submissions that tell a moving story; a lingering story; a story that tells us about the unique other and yet reminds us of our feeble self; a story that is poetic and accessible; a story that evokes a sense of beautiful and an appreciation of inescapable ugliness; a story that sings. We are looking to publish any piece that is compelling for these reasons or not. Stories may not exceed 4,000 words.


The Monarch Review publishes non-fiction pieces up to 4,000 words, including, but not limited to, memoirs, personal essays and literary criticism. Special consideration is made for shorter works, 500 to 1,500 words, that focus on issues relating to the cultural impact of recent technological advancements. For example, a reading of a recent Microsoft advertisement that claims we need “a phone that will save us from our phones” might be interesting.

Visual Art

The Monarch Review is interested in a wide range of art-related submissions, including images of your own work, reviews, theoretics, essays, photo-essays, and experimental projects. Although we are based in Seattle, we are interested in the art happenings of other cities. Please let us know what’s going on in Portland, LA, Detroit, or Philipsburg.

Our submission manager only allows one file upload per submission, so please feel free to submit several times if you have multiple images. Alternatively, you can upload a single image and describe your work, project, pitch, or whatever. If we’re interested, we can arrange for more images. A link to your website (if you have one) is useful, but not necessary.

For web, please format images to: 72dpi, RGB color format, quality 8 (higher quality increases image size without any discernible difference in quality), and about 600 pixels wide. Can be taller. .jpg or .tiff file types are preferred.


The Monarch Review looks to publish music and music reviews that fills the listener with eager curiosity; music that pushes one to dance either slow or fast or in some new, never-tested speed; music that you can shed a tear to and yet immediately after let a laugh out; music that inspires the listener to want to write better music.

Please submit your audio work in the formats described above. If accepted, we would love to interview you to provide some narrative while featuring your work.


We’re currently filling the pages of Monarch #2, our soon-to-be-released print edition, with glorious literatures and arts. Our tentative release date is July 4th. Stay tuned for updates on our release party.  The print journal holds a special place in our hearts. It takes a lot of work and money to produce, and so we try to select extra-special content for the print edition. We solicit for each issue, but we also cull from general submissions (i.e. all submissions are automatically considered for print). If The Editors are interested in publishing your work in an upcoming issue, we’ll let you know. We pay contributors two issues of the print journal.

You can also buy copies on our homepage (they’re only $10! plus shipping!) or find them at several Seattle bookstores: Elliott Bay, Open Books, Bulldog News, Third Place Books (both locations), and Barnes and Noble (just kidding about that last one!) Buying a copy of our magazine is the best way to support The Monarch Review.


Sadly, we do not pay contributors (except for publishing in the print journal. See above.) We publish several times per week, and even if we paid $1 per accepted submission we wouldn’t be able to afford it.

The answer isn't poetry, but rather language

- Richard Kenney