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The Addendum To Marco Collins Top 25 Seattle Albums Of 2013

Two weeks ago we ran a list of Marco Collins Top 25 Seattle Albums of 2013. We received a lot of interest, as well as a few critical comments, about the list. As a result, we wanted to make an addendum and do a post of 5 more records that Marco forgot and 5 more that came in after the buzzer that he hadn’t had a chance to get to… until now. 

Also, as a side note, Marco just put on two sold out acoustic shows in Ballard for the holidays and the rumor is he has two more planned for Valentine’s Day and the day after: on the 14th there will be “Lovey Dovey Night” and on the 15th there will be “Angry Hate-Filled Night”. Stay tuned!

— Jake Uitti, Managing Editor, The Monarch Review 


Marco Collins: It’s inevitable that it would happen. I realized after I published my Seattle Top 25 list that I had forgotten quite a few records. So, I’m adding 10 more!  

5 records that I just spaced on:

1. IG88 “Breathing Suit” – Such a great and important electronic record. Branden Clarke is a weird little genius who has his hands in a million different projects (Shaprece, Triceracorn, multiple remixes, etc) in addition to his own genius creation, IG88. Look out for him in 2014. He is a force to be reckoned with.

2. Youryoungbody “Kurokabi” – One of my favorite electronic sounds of 2013. Sometimes wall of noise synth orchestral stabs with floating female vocals. Sometimes a very gentle electronic ambiance. Call it witch house if you must, but most of the time I find it hard to categorize (which I think they prefer). The group is comprised of a video game sound engineer and a fashion student: Killian Brom (son of famous American gothic fantasy artist, Brom) and Duh Cripe are stars in the making. Pick this record up!

3. Wimps “Repeat” – The brattiest punk pop in Seattle, hands down. They also have a wicked sense of humor, which you can hear on most of these songs. Sassy and hilarious.

4. Fox and The Law “Empty Cases” – This band is still finding their legs and this record is a move in a direction that is more than promising. Psychedelic rock with unapologetic riffs from hell. Can’t wait to see their evolution continue!

5. The Lonely Forest “Adding Up The Wasted Hours” – How could I have forgotten these guys. LOVE me a good pop song!

And then here’s 5 records that came out very late in the year that I just hadn’t had the chance to listen to before I made my list:

1. Triceracorn “Porcelain” – This is some dark shit. I guess you’d consider this an ambient hip-hop record. That genre seemed to have stretched its legs in 2013. The lead single, “Porcelain”, is just pure druggy, sexy, third-world criminal, heaven-like and evil at the same time. Very few people have seemed to accomplish this effectively, The Weeknd being one of them.

2. Sandrider “Godhead” – Thanks to Hannah Levin for tipping me off to this one. I think this one came out in December. This is a ballsy rock record with hints of hardcore and metal roots. But then you hear some harmonies and that guitar sound is fuckin’ phenomenal. If this came out in the early 90’s, it would definitely be on Sub Pop records. Instead it’s on the hard driving Seattle label, Good-To-Die… and Good-For-Them.

3. Porter Ray “BLK GLD” – Larry Mizell Jr. turned me on to this one! Fuck, this is good. The production alone is phenomenal! A distinctive 70’s R&B sound with an ambient haze. A very sexy hip-hop record. There’ll be some babies made to this one.

4. The Physics “Digital Wildlife” – Why the fuck have I always been under the impression that The Physics were a hip-hop group? This shit is way bigger than just hip-hop. There’s also an awesome R&B vibe going on here. Dayum, I’m late to this party. I owe Adra for turning me on to this one. SMOOTH AS FUCK.

5. Made In Heights “The woods” – I have to admit, I’m a bit of a Sabzi fanatic. I think almost everything the guy does is genius. Love the Blue Scholars, but I almost like his other works better cause I know he’s stepping out. Trying new shit. I get ALL the Townfolk stuff and even though some of it feels incomplete, it gives me an idea of how his mind thinks. I think he’s destined to do something MASSIVE. It’ll happen.


Marco Collins is one of two Seattle DJ's in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (along with Pat O'Day)

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