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Three Songs To The Head vol. 41

Hello and welcome back to Three Songs to the Head where we share three songs that moved us, three songs we love, three songs we can’t get out of our heads! Today, we’re featuring King Khazm, Goodbye Heart and Mississippi Jones. Enjoy!


The productive bleakness that leaps out of the new video for “Dear Diary” from Seattle rapper King Khazm is heart-wrenching and fresh. In this video, the artist doesn’t pull punches, doesn’t hide from the onlooking audience. Instead, images of suicide, a black shroud and Khazm’s frail, bare body in the dirt stir us. He delivers his lyrics with ferocity. In a way, it all feels like a movie – but don’t let that fool you. This is Real Life.

The members of Goodbye Heart often combine that eerie, sleeve rolled up sound of the 80’s with the whisper through the trees sensations of a David Lynch short. Their etherial vocals combined with sharp, lingering musicality fuse together for music befitting making green cupcakes, holding your lover in a sway or jumping off a roof into honest oblivion.

Mississippi Jones offers a tenderness through music. While the lead vocals are rich and full and spirited, the music is welcoming, almost like a music box twinkling on a shelf in a country house. The sound swirls around and envelopes you, like a mother’s arms.


Jake Uitti is a founding editor of The Monarch Review.

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