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Three Songs To The Head vol. 47

Hello and welcome back to Three Songs to the Head where we share three songs that moved us, three songs we love, three songs we can’t get out of our heads! Today, we’re featuring Sounds Like Disco, Perfect Families and Fian. Enjoy!


Down” by the LA-band, Sounds Like Disco, is an energetic fluffy firefly of a track meant for the convertible speeding on a sun-lit open road. It’s a slushy when everything else is beating down on you. It’s a pop hit simply put.

Seattle dream-pop band, Perfect Families, have a new record out August 16th and their first single is called, “Short Notice.” To whet your appetite for that collection of tracks, we wanted to highlight their 2016 track, “Ghostcalls,” a melancholy, star shot song through some sunglassed universe.

Crossroads” by Fian is a showtune packaged as an operatic rock ‘n’ roll track.  It recalls the epic musical, Hamilton, as the vocals boom and bolster before shrinking into vulnerability. It’s the beginning of something good.



Jake Uitti is a founding editor of The Monarch Review.

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