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Band In Seattle: The Chasers and McTuff

Every Saturday night at 11PM on KSTW (Channel 11 in the Emerald City), Band In Seattle broadcasts their newest episode. This week the TV show, which features local musicians’ music and interviews, will present The Chasers and McTuff. To get a little insight into the program, we asked BIS founder Conrad Denke about what’s coming up this week.

Jake Uitti: What’s special about this week’s episode with The Chasers and McTuff?

Conrad Denke: The Chasers were a last minute substitution for another band that couldn’t make it on to the stage at Band in Seattle. We had Mr. Nails’ band on the top of our list and I am so glad they were available. Their performance in our “club” at Victory Studios was exciting and incredibly entertaining. From goofballs to major rock stars, they could play all the roles, including those in between. Johnny Nails, the lead, is clearly ADHD with amazing control. He is just fun to watch and a real talent. Ice Wizard with the longest blond hair on a man I’ve ever seen, is truly 100% rock star and a great guitarist. The drummer, Smash, was great fun and an expert in understatement when we interviewed him. The bass player, J.J. Killingsworth, was a kick. What a talented group. I know you’re going to enjoy their romp and The Chasers should be on your list of favorite NW bands.

McTuff is another story. Led by Joe Doria, we were fortunate to also have sax player Skerik in the house. Great drumming by Tarik and fantastic jazz guitar by Andy Coe, you really feel the professional touch with these guys. It’s amazing to watch these gentlemen work together. Each contributes to take you on a fabulous music journey that will get your toes stomping and your head bobbing. No vocals, just instrumental, they carry you through fun places and have many surprises along the way. The only hard part that I could see was moving that Hammond Organ. What a chore to carry that beast from venue to venue. Joe has it down to a science but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. For us, the listeners, it’s clearly worth all the effort.  Let these guys carry you emotionally or intellectually – both are great rides. McTuff – I’m a big fan.


Watch a McTuff clip here:


Jake Uitti is a founding editor of The Monarch Review.

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