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Three Songs To The Head vol. 42

Hello and welcome back to Three Songs to the Head where we share three songs that moved us, three songs we love, three songs we can’t get out of our heads! Today, we’re featuring The Good Wives, Chris King and the Gutterballs and Khingz.

The Good Wives’ song “Lonely Again” is like what I imagine a lullaby on Mars 3,000 years in the future sounds like. There is a considerate quality to the music, a repetition that conjures blankets and soothing, but the whole thing is also beat-driven, electric and mechanical. The song gets stuck in your head – particularly the main guitar lick – and the vocals recall the Arctic Monkeys or the Cold War Kids.

One of the Monarch favorites, Chris King and the Gutterballs, are back! Making them no longer part of this betting pool! Their new album, Cocktails, is a triumph and has been in the works for a few years now for the band from California now residing in Seattle. Chris has a lovely swagger on stage and his voice sounds like the dude from the Growlers, an added bonus. The first two tracks of this record are my favorite, but if you only check one, listen to “Stories of Me.”

Khingz is one of the most beloved hip-hoppers in the city (and this video comes recommended by Monarch favorite, Spekulation). Both the song and the accompanying video are classic and expertly produced. The repeated line, “Good aim will raise up that good gangster” obviously has several meanings, all of them inducing shivers.


Jake Uitti is a founding editor of The Monarch Review.

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