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Band In Seattle: Ayron Jones and Sir Mix A Lot

Every Saturday night at 11PM on KSTW (Channel 11 in the Emerald City), Band In Seattle broadcasts their newest episode. This week the  TV show, which features local musicians’ music and interviews, will present Ayron Jones and his mentor Sir Mix A Lot. To get a little insight into the program, we asked BIS founder Conrad Denke about what’s coming up this week.


Jake Uitti: What’s special about this week’s episode with Ayron and Mix?

Conrad Denke: Often on the show we present two different bands, but every once in a while when one performance hits us a certain way, we devote the entire show to one act. There was so much material with Ayron and Mix that we decided it would be right to feature them for the full show.

Ayron is unique because he makes his living as a musician solely, which is rare in the northwest. He’s gotten to the point where he’s able to do that. There are some musicians that are extraordinarily talented but they’re not necessarily business people. Ayron has a sixth sense about the idea of promotion and business, which is impressive. And his songs are really meaningful – one, “My Love Remains”, is about when two people are in love but there’s a falling out. What happens to the love then? It’s a great subject: you still love somebody but you’re not going to be with them. And his song “Can’t Stop The Rain” which he did for the Seahawaks, that’s a great song too, very lively. Sir Mix A Lot speaks very highly of Ayron, saying, “This guy, he’s going somewhere.” We got to see Mix’s amazing studio in his house and watch him mentor Ayron in the process as well.


See Ayron and Mix this Saturday at 11 PM. For more information on Band In Seattle, which is filmed at Victory Studios, click here.


Jake Uitti is a founding editor of The Monarch Review.

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