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Capitol Hill Season 2

The spiral of subversion suffused in the Wes Hurley creation known as Capitol Hill manifests itself mostly in two topics: the treatment of Portland, Oregon, where NO ONE SHOULD GO WATCH OUT IT’S A TERRIBLE PLACE OH MY GAWD! and in Marc Kenison’s acting, which is superb, as a rube gender-matrix. The ever-manipulated interplay between masculine and feminine, between sex and novice, between understanding and disbelief that runs through the Capitol Hill storyline and its characters pushes the webisodes forward with such a, well, thrust that it’s impossible not to want to watch more to try and understand what’s at the center of it all.

The series, which stars Kenison (a.k.a. boylesque dancer, Waxie Moon), is an homage to its main actor, who Hurley calls both his best friend and muse. And the series is SO over the top that it somehow comes back around in major moments, grounded, before the conceit flies up again into the atmosphere with a laugh and heel kick.

But what’s at stake here? Two things: the level of endurance of the viewer for the shows, games and sexual interplay and the nearly absurd development of Kenison’s character, Roses Smell, who is looking for love, acceptance and where she might call home. The glue to the show is its humor, as well as its cast, which includes Seattle favorite Ben DeLaCreme and, in the first episode of season 2, drag darling, Jinkx Monsoon.

Check the latest episode out here:


Jake Uitti is a founding editor of The Monarch Review.

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