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First Thursday Art Schlock

As children we begin to hone the craft of inside jokes. Most often this form of art begins in the competitive warfare of recess.  Its life then continues into the classroom and into the dreaded cliques and subgroups of the age-divided zones of social navigation. This practice leads us into adult life, where we then find other groups and cliques that seek an opportunity to distinguish or laugh.

Many of us joke, jab and experiment, but very few are gifted with the ability to not only make an inside joke but make one that is appealing to the insider and the outsider while saving the secret for those in the know. This style of humor searches for the subtlety that allows us to make the joke without the ruining our insider status while displaying our prowess.

In the Seattle art scene we as insiders can often feel cast out and lost. So, the First Thursday Art Schlock is a welcome respite and opportunity to fashion our skills of laughing at ourselves.

Maybe you will get it and maybe you won’t. You decide if you are in or out.

Read on to find  links to some of my favorites.


Meanwhile at your artist talk.


Meanwhile at your group show.


When you ask me if I want to be a part of your studio visit group.


Portrait of a Seattle art career.

When you’re added to the roster of a show I’m excited to be in.


When I applied for membership at the co-op galleries.


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