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Gabriel Teodros, 206UP and The Monarch

When Seattle-based blog 206UP reached out to us to say they had a video interview with Gabriel Teodros and would we be interested in running it on our site, we said yes! Yes! A hundred times yes! 206UP is a classy joint and Gabriel is one of our favorite hip-hop artists in the town. This collaboration was a no-brainer!

Here is what Chul Gugich, creator of 206UP, had to say about the video: “The 28Hundred team sat down with Seattle hip-hop artist Gabriel Teodros in a kitchen in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It was a hot and humid Sunday in mid-July, but the well-traveled MC seemed to be fine moving throughout the city with an ease that belied the beads of sweat accumulated on everyone else’s foreheads.

“For a brief time in his life, Gabriel called the borough of Brooklyn home, and it was indeed the idea of ‘home’ in the rapper’s lyrics — be it a physical, intellectual or spiritual interpretation — that we were most interested in discussing during our interview. Teodros’ albums are soulful, boom-bap patchworks of his numerous experiences around the world, all contextualized through the lens of his Ethiopian American heritage and roots in the relatively benign environs of the Pacific Northwest. During the interview, the rapper, like his music, was refreshingly open and welcoming.”

Well then! Now without further ado, here is the video interview with Gabriel Teodros!


28Hundred is a small, independent video production company based in New York City. Its founders are Pacific Northwest natives Chul Gugich (creator and owner of Seattle hip-hop blog and Jason Chen (a Brooklyn-based videographer who some may remember as MC Know Choice). Chul and Jason formed 28Hundred out of a shared love for hip-hop music and a creative curiosity for producing in-depth, personality-driven interviews with interesting artists. View all of 28Hundred's work at

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