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Javier S. Ortega

Javier S. Ortega is a Seattle artist by way of Spain. His work is immediately eye-catching with it’s big-featured, sallow faces and ornate designs. He is someone we’ve wanted to showcase in The Monarch for some time now, which is why we’re happy to present a bit of his work here!




El Naufrago

What inspired these pieces?

Childhood monsters, dreams, memories, pondering…

How did you paint/draw/make them?

I use acrylics on canvas for paintings. Sometimes I start with a little sketch, some other times I let it come together little by little on its own.

Who is your favorite artist, why?

I don’t have a favorite one. I admire a million artists. Anyone that can make something while caring about it. It can be a painting, a song, a sweater, a plate, a dance, a garden, even a kiss… any thing with heart.


Javier S. Ortega was born in Seville Spain where he was trained in sculpture in the "Escuela de Artes Aplicadas" and ceramics in the "Escuela Taller Plaza España". After that, he traveled to Florence to continue his education. Upon completion, his time was divided between the cities of Seville, Valencia and the island of Menorca before deciding to move to the city of Seattle. Here he is continuing his career with successful exhibitions in some of the cafes and galleries scattered around the city.

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