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Jeremy Freedman

“Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the Shadow”
-T.S. Eliot

We, as reluctantly self motivated beings and physical entities of this universe will always be removed by perspective.  We can only comprehend fully that which happens in our very conscious instant.  Unfortunately, a fraction of a second after intake, the instant becomes a piece of a protein, broken down and shelved for later usage.  If on the other hand we are anticipating the future, we are in fact creating fiction, content for another shelf.  This trusted thing, perspective, which we are lost within and lost without, is little more than a series of wisps and clips, absorbed faster than the blink of an eye.  It is life jumbled together and broken down into a trail of breadcrumbs.

This makes reality a terrible case to make because before it can be acknowledged, described and really even experienced, we are relying on factors of the grey matter in our skulls to connect the ticks between recall and memory.  Before you have a chance to inhale, you are already remembering that you are smelling the rose.

So, where then lies the shared experience? There have to be moments in life when the shared experience can only be something more profound than the simplicity of an instant, or compilation of them muddied by the lens of one.

I hate to argue the case that life is a series of isolated moments, strung together to make some form of personal fiction because I feel deeply and in fact know, that there have been two of us in this one moment before.  But, the expectation that I can see the world as you do or that we can share the same view is preposterous.  The veil of perspective will always fog our lenses, always.

It is with the clarity of these thoughts that I see the objects in Jeremy’s photographs and his point of view. I’ve been thinking about Jeremy’s work quite a bit lately and in doing so have begun to read his photographs as artifacts, as facts, as the clips of the conscious instant.  It’s within these thoughts, that I found the shared experience, the lingering place between, it, us and the truth.

-Visual Arts Editor, Liz McDonald



Pessoa in New York

Day of Wrath



Lana Turner Has Collapsed!


Floating Girl

New York Harbor, Winter

The Illusion of Validity

The Shy Pornographer

The Unnameable Namer

The Venetian


Artist Statement

I make photographs that don't look like photographs.  My various techniques are ways of isolating and concentrating the experience of seeing.  I'm trying to avoid a false, sentimental photographic "reality,"  which may not open the eye or the mind.  I'm interested in a different kind of focus, one that lets the mind wander inward a little bit.  For me, pictures are as abstract as words.

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