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Three (but really Six) Songs To The Head vol. 14

Hello and welcome back to Three Songs to the Head where we share three (but this time six!) songs that moved us, three (six!) songs we love, three (six1) songs we can’t get out of our heads! Today, we’re featuring Lydia Ramsey, Sebastian and the Deep Blue, In Cahoots, The Mama Rags, Susy Sun and Theoretics. Enjoy! 

–Jake Uitti

Lydia Ramsey, also part of the wonderful Seattle band, St. Paul De Vence, is perfect for the summer: her butterfly-floating voice carries like flower seeds in a comfortable cool breeze. Her song “Front Porch Window”, which can be found here, feels like a playful run down a dirt path into a well-lit forest. In other words, there is a sense of movement and a sense of nature and loving the energy that occurs between the two. She’s a sweetheart to cherish as the August days bleed into the fall.

Sebastian and the Deep Blue, lead by Barry Sebastian, blends indie rock, big horn arrangements, and a peculiar sense of humor in song – the whole thing is playful and bright. Their latest song, “It Just Isn’t“, embodies this style beautifully. It builds, crests and runs. It’s sort of like what a circus would look like if you opened all the tents, all the cages, and let everything free. To go further, the best of their work is like finding the oasis where all the animals and fire breathers end up after the escape.

In Cahoots harken back to the powerful, tongue-sticking-out, attitude-soaked, 90’s Seattle rock – and, believe me, it’s a pleasure to reconnect with this ‘ol friend. The band recently released a new album, Panic Attacks, and the record’s first track, “Idols“, has a rippin’ guitar solo layered with lead singer Christina Cramer’s rage-filled + lovingly-tender voice. The band’s destiny: to record the soundtrack to the next hit Wayne’s Wold movie. We’d all be winners!

Change You” from The Mama Rags new self-titled EP saunters through the sonic airways – it is part caution and part beer-glass salute song. It walks the line and much of that is due to the tone of their lyrics, which, on this tune, repeat, “You better run, child, before they change you! You better look, child, before they change you!” The idea: control your own destiny, young one. (Note: it’s cool, the song sounds even a little Dark Side of the Moon-ish!)

Susy Sun is the genuine, at times melancholy, classically-trained piano player and singer who has, among others, worked with the wonderful (string) composer, Andrew Joslyn. Susy has a new song/video out called “Grey Skies” but we wanted to focus on a nifty little composition on her 2013 record, Wanderlust, called “Piano Impromptu” – a sweet, intricate, practically-timeless number reminiscent of Scott Joplin and Amadeus.

Theoretics put in work, plain and simple. They’re in the lineage of Black Star, The Roots and other thoughtful, jazz-inspired hip-hoppers. Their latest track, “Sunsets“, which features Grynch and Afrok in an inspirational anthem, telling us to persevere through the difficult day-to-day (the supreme message, if you ask us, of any great rap tune). We can’t wait to see what comes next from this group and who in the town they collaborate with next.


Jake Uitti is a founding editor of The Monarch Review.

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