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Three Songs To The Head vol. 49

Hello and welcome back to Three Songs to the Head where we share three songs that moved us, three songs we love, three songs we can’t get out of our heads! Today, we’re featuring Perry Porter, PF Liars and My Cartoon Heart. Enjoy!


Perry Porter is one of the most energetic rappers on the planet. In a world that wants to combine mosh pits and trap beats, Perry is at the forefront. Porter, a former member of the hot rap duo Sleep Steady, recently released his solo record, Channel Surfing, and it’s a badass mix of joy, pop culture references, elastic rhymes and fast-paced percussion. But our favorite jam is the opening track because, well, Adult Swim and Meatwad.

I don’t know what I was expecting when I put on the new EP by Seattle band PF Liars. And I’m still not quite sure what I’m hearing. But the idea of these songs will likely stay with me for a while as I continue to decipher – and that, in a way, is the job of any artist. Either way, the production on the record is solid and the energy behind the work is enthusiastic. We wish this band well-earned success. To get a good sense of the work, check out “Smoke And Mirrors.”

Personal admission alert! I like to listen to pop music in the car. Maybe its cheesy or maybe it’s genius R&D. Or, maybe I just like it because there are many great types of music. So, when I hear “Ice Cold” from My Cartoon Heart, I get a little giddy. His voice cuts through in that pure, pop way. And the production swells in all the right places. So if, like me, you dig pop, do give it a spin.


Jake Uitti is a founding editor of The Monarch Review.

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