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Video Premier! The Jesus Rehab – Mind Readers

The shot begins with a pan onto Julia Massey, the television glowing blue upon her face, her eye twitching. Some people turn to lizards, a man on the TV reports. A-Wah-Huh?!?! Then: Rock Music. In the song, we’re informed of an idea: everyone is a slave to the Lizard King. What this means can only be deciphered by watching the new creation from TJR, which happens to include a boxing match with a huge orange glove, copious amounts of confetti and so many of the wonderful faces of the Seattle creative community. 

“Mind Readers” is the first single off TJR’s new album, The Zoo At Night, with a record release show slated for Feb. 1st at the Sunset Tavern. And so, without further ado, we at The Monarch Review are proud and happy to premier this new video from one of our favorite bands, The Jesus Rehab!


The Jesus Rehab's new album, The Zoo At Night, will be released on February 1st, 2014. Their record release show is slated for The Sunset Tavern in Seattle on the same day with Hounds Of The Wild Hunt, and Tangerine.

More on The Jesus Rehab can be found here.

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