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Book Release and Reading Feb. 6


Hello fellow readers, travelers and Monarchians! Our first book, Traveling Light, written by Seattle author, Jim Brantingham, is now for sale! And we will be throwing a release party for it Feb. 6 at 6pm in Ravenna Third Place Books (on the corner of 65th and 20th NE).

Jim will be reading from the book and there will be guest readers accompanying him. Space is limited, so we suggest you come early. Books can be bought through this link here or at Ravenna Third Place Books (which just ordered it’s second wave of books).

We are super excited for this release and for the Monarch’s new role as a publisher. Traveling Light is a beautiful book filled with stories, memories and analysis of life hitchhiking on the west coast, working with dry wall and concrete, being in the army in Germany and chasing love.

Says the author, “Traveling Light is a collection of poems and short stories based on some old memories, some more reliable than others. Over the years memories fade and the poems and stories reflect that. I think of the poems as the backbone of the book, providing support for the stories. These stories are the ‘pebbles and chicken scratch’ – found objects in the bottom of my memory’s pockets and told with a sense of humor.”

We hope to see you there, Feb. 6 at 6p at Ravenna Third Place Books!


Jake Uitti is a founding editor of The Monarch Review.


  1. Dick Hole says:

    I’m told that writers who read their work in public may have other nasty habits.
    As Jim’s publisher, do you happen to know whether he has any I might be interested in?

  2. Dick Hole says:

    The Typo-Hunter’s Creed: “There’s always one more.”

    Maybe Jim would consider reconsidering the ‘d’ in “buldge” contained in the notes to “On Ancient Paths” residing on SSBC. Slim down the ‘buldge’, as it were.

    “l. 28. Entastic: Entasis is the slight buldge added to columns to make them appear straight. ”

    Is that you Jake? Are we always going to be meeting like this?

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