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Three Songs To The Head vol. 45: Golden Idols

Hello and welcome back to Three Songs to the Head where we share three songs that moved us, three songs we love, three songs we can’t get out of our heads! Today, we’re featuring three songs by the Seattle band, Golden Idols, from their new record Holy Smokes! which the group will celebrate the release of on Jan. 14. Enjoy!


I’ll Be There: My favorite track off the new record. It’s eerie and magical, like crossing through a waterfall into a secret alcove in the rocks. The lyrics are simple but sharp: “When you want someone in your bed, all you gotta do is turn your head and I’ll be there,” croons singer, Patrick Broz. The song tingles.

Until You Puke: Similarly dark, but more bouncy, this track is a head-bobber. Broz shoots the lyrics into the mic as bassist Jewel Loree shakes her bobbed hair humming and bopping backup vocals. One gets the sense that the two are musical muses for one another, a mystic duo from another era incarnated in 2017.

All Alone: While you can only take our word for it with the above two songs (until you have a copy of the record for yourself), their new song, “All Alone,” has a video already! Rejoice! The song is emblematic of the core song of Golden Idols: thoughtful, punchy, mystical and ripped with energy. Listen for yourself!


Jake Uitti is a founding editor of The Monarch Review.

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