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Two Poems – Jason Braun

Frozen Assets
– After Diego Rivera

In New York even the corpses
sparkle and whisper the mantra:
greatest city, greatest city.

The cranes don’t run on time,
cops and bankers strike
the protesters and some
retreat to martinis in skyscraper
bars and others, like the sad sack
flatfoot, stutter, grunt, and tip back
a flask on a crowded platform.

Electric Power
– After Diego Rivera

Under the eclipse of Wall Street
once invisible men arc the welding
rods into god-blinding
light. Behold all the skyline
flashed in white-out as a transformer
blinked twice then phoenixed.



Jason Braun currently teaches English and is the Associate Editor of Sou’wester at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. He has published fiction, poetry, reported or been featured in Prime Number, ESPN.com, Big Bridge, The Evergreen Review, SOFTBLOW, The Nashville City Paper, Jane Freidman’s blog, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and many more. He also makes apps like Paradise Lost Office and Homophonecheck.com, and releases music as Jason and the Beast.

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What am I?

Bioluminescent eye
That sees by the shine
Of its own light. Lies

Blind me. I am the seventh human sense
And my stepchild,

Scientists can't find me.

Januswise I make us men;
Was my image then—

Remind me:

The awful fall up off all fours
From the forest
To the hours…

Tick, Tock: Divine me.

-- Richard Kenney